Our Estate

On a human scale

Production of approximately 10,000 bottles of 3 or 4 vintages:
a white wine 100% muscadelle, 2 red wines, one of which is aged in oak barrels, and a rosé wine.


We protect the estate's beautiful heritage.

The conversion to biodynamic farming is a testament to our commitment and we live in harmony with the elements.


Our aim is to reduce the ecological footprint, preserve biodiversity, and of course produce quality wines.
These environmental standards are a testament to these efforts.

Manual harvest

A focus on nature

BIO 2021 et BIODYNAMIE 2022

Excluding pesticides or insecticides, we work with a rototiller and a mechanical intervine.

Manual harvest

Our Terroir

The vineyard sits at an altitude of 80 m, close to the Garonne River.
The stony soil is slightly sloping, of a clayey-limestone and clayey-gravelly nature.
It has a south, south-west exposure.


For RED: 80% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon

For WHITE: 100% Muscadelle

Average age of the vines: 28 years


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